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How do you take advantage of the marketing tools available to all sellers and differentiate yourself from other homes on the market?


Marketing your home with video that engages and create a transparent experience for the buyer is the answer. We customize the buyer experience by taking industry tools and create a video marketing package for the seller that brands the home and focuses attention to the experience of living in the home.


The new age of real estate marketing has arrived and along with it a multitude of channels to showcase the sellers property. National Association of REALTORS data shows that 68% of buyers use Mobile devices* and future trends show mobile as the predominant search tool.

*NAR/Google Study - Digital House Hunt 2013


Buyers make decisions emotionally and justify logically.


Creating a bond between a buyer and home on the market can only be accomplished though high emotional marketing. Focusing on the sellers experience in the home to create a story.


What does it feel like to live in the sellers home and the neighborhood? Having a committed buyer that is emotionally attached to a home is a key ingredient to a successful real estate transaction. 


Staging a home plays a critical role in creating an environment for buyers to see themselves in the home. Our expert stagers evaluate the existing furnishings and make room by room recommendations to maximize the feeling of living in the sellers home.


Previewing creates an exclusive environment for buyers and the neighborhood to view the sellers home. Previewing creates excitement, enthusiasm, and builds critical mass when marketing a home. 


Open house strategies include print, social media, local publications, and mega open house events.



“A sellers print marketing will never be a cookie cutter experience “


We create a custom marketing package for every home and use professional photography in our print advertising to support the buyers emotional decision in purchasing a sellers home. 


World Class marketing brochures are carefully crafted by our marketing team to draw attention to the details that make the sellers home unique. 


The same attention to detail is given to neighborhood post cards and one sheets detailing all of the homes amenities.




Customize, track, and measure Social Media Marketing


Social media tools are in abundance, you also have to stand out among all of the other active homes in todays real estate marketing. Simply pushing out a listing to the social media channels is not enough to create the critical mass necessary for maximum exposure.


Our team understands how to take social media tools and maximize the visibility of a sellers home. We do this by constantly customizing how a home is viewed on all of the social media channels. 


Our team includes the use of search engine optimization(SEO) experts to rank your home high on search results. We also Measure using analytics to make adjustments while the home is on the market.

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