2017 National Foreclosure Activity Down 20 Percent Annually


As I drive around, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see the effects of the housing crash in Portland and Vancouver neighborhoods. I receive calls from buyers and investors at least once a week who are looking for a property to flip. The reality is that as of 2014 most of those opportunities have disappeared. Foreclosure sales represent a … Continued

Zip code in Portland area rated top 20 best investment


Homeunion, an online investment firm has compiled a top 20 list of the best zip codes to invest in the US.  Tanza Loudenback of businessinsider.com reveals among them one particular zip code in the Portland area.  You may be surprised with Homeunion’s results.     thumbnail courtesy of businessinsider.com

Portland’s 31 fastest selling neighborhoods in 2017

portlands 31 hottest neighborhoods in 2017

Portland Business Journal Reporter Jon Bell recaps MLS data numbers to reveal a slight increase in days on the market. PBJ showcases a slideshow of 31 neighborhoods with 30 days or less of inventory. Also mentioned is an increase in days on the market, a few more days on the market could be attributed to … Continued

Uptick in June housing inventory may help Portland buyers

thumbnail courtesy of oregonlive.com

Elliot Njus of Oregonlive looks at June listing data as a possible indicator of increasing inventory and relief for a tight and competitive housing market in Portland. The numbers are a glimmer of hope for the summer buying season; my analysis shows that Vancouver is also experiencing a bump up in available homes. Unfortunately, this will … Continued

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