Portland Oregon Old TownOver the last five years, Portland and Vancouver saw home values increase up to 40% since the Great Recession making them one of the hottest housing markets in the nation. I believe the reason for this is affordability and location. Relative to other cities Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area, values are two to five times that of Portland, Oregon. Let’s face the facts; everything is within driving distance from here, big city-feel, amazing hikes, wine country, beaches, and access to rivers. There just isn’t anything else in this price range compared to other west coast cities. Elliot Njus of Oregonlive.com also reports the increase in values from the pre-recession days and gives you Zillow’s perspective.

Nearly every Portland-area home is more valuable today than it’s ever been. An analysis by the real-estate website Zillow found that 94 percent of metro-area homes would command a higher sale price today than they would have during the housing bubble of the 2000s. But the values in Portland didn’t slow when they came back in line with historic levels. Instead, they’ve continued to climb. Read more…


Thumbnail credit  Zack Spear on Unsplash

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