portland-oregon-boom-jobs-real-estate-developersAn article by Jeff Manning of OregonLive sheds light on the flurry of activity in Portland as a hot spot for job growth and real estate development.  In the last two years, there has been phenomenal growth; I call it the last most affordable metropolitan area on the west coast. I witnessed it first hand in the 70’s, and 80’s when Silicon Valley grew into an economic juggernaut. Now Portland is following suit and developing into a destination for corporations and commercial real estate development.


21 cranes, 15 hotels, 10000 jobs: Inside Oregon’s development spreeInterviews with dozens of developers, construction company executives and union officials reveal a boom that includes all real estate categories, from high-end apartments in Portland’s urban core to enormous data centers in the eastern Oregon desert… Read more…21 cranes, 15 hotels, 10000 jobs: Inside Oregon’s development spree – OregonLive.com

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