SaulZaikHouseOne of the unique characteristics of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington is the mid century builders and architects who designed and built individual Mid Century Homes for Sale in Portland and in some areas entire neighborhoods with a flair for the beauty and open spaces of the Pacific Northwest. The article written by Jill Krasny of showcases one such example, with the help of a local designer this mid century home has been remodeled to encompass the classic style and modern amenities.


The residence in question, the Feldman House, was designed by local architect Saul Zaik in 1956. The wood-clad home, which features a sensationally low-slung gable roof and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, was suffering from a bit of an identity crisis: The kitchen with cheap white laminate cabinets had been raised so it was not level with the adjacent floors, and the ceilings in the bathroom were taller than in the master bedroom. Read more…


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