Portland Airport

kgw.com shares the results of a survey comparing the nation’s airports and Portland is #1!

Portland Weather Summary: 69 degrees PORTLAND, Ore. – For the sixth year in a row, Portland International Airport has been recognized as the best airport in the United States. “It may not be the newest or the largest on this year’s list, but ‘user-friendly’ PDX has garnered more than its fair share of enthusiastic fans – and not just for its famous #pdxcarpet,” wrote Travel + Leisure’s Sarah Bruning in an article announcing the results of its readers’ ratings of US airports. Factors that went into an airport’s rating were its accessibility, check-in, security, restaurants and bars, shopping, and design. “[Portland International Airport] excelled in all these areas, bringing together a seamless curb-to-plane experience, standout local vendors, and a community-minded sensibility that impressed travelers,” Bruning wrote. Readers complimented PDX’s “frustration-free” security checkpoints, affordable retail options, and diversity of food and entertainment. PDX named best airport for sixth year in a row


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