I consider RPR(REALTOR Property Resource) one of the best tools for evaluating Portland home values. Why is this report so good and what makes it a must have for any buyer or seller? Glad you asked, in this paragraph I will outline some of the key benefits for using REALTOR Property Resource to quickly and accurately evaluate any home.

Multiple Report Types

Multiple Report Types

  • Property Report – Comprehensive look at individual property
  • Sellers Report – Detailed Market Analysis of Home Including Comparable Properties
  • Market Activity Report – Snapshot of the local real estate market
  • Mini Report – Essential Information About A Home
  • Neighborhood Report – Economic, Housing, Demographics
  • Valuation Workbook -Sales Comparison Analysis

I can’t tell you how spoiled I am with Realtor Property Resource. The ability to create a custom report using this one stop resource has opened up a whole new focus when determining the value of homes for sale. Instead of going to multiple resources to compile one report I have all the primary information necessary to focus on the nuances of the comparable properties that ultimately affects whats most important to you when it comes to Price.


Portland Home Values

Portland Home Values

Price is critical whether you are a seller or a buyer. We all want to know that we sold or bought our home at the right price. The right price means “What the market says a home is worth”.

Price can also mean you didn’t pay more if you are a buyer or you sold with highest and best terms if you are a seller.

Get It Done With a PRO

RPR Property History

The best way to approach the purchase or sale is to start off with a analysis of the home and neighborhood. Simply using comparable properties is not enough in this information rich environment.

Do yourself a favor, sleep well at night knowing you did your homework. Knowledgable REALTORS and Access to resources like RPR website are the key ingredients for any buyer or seller to make the right decision.

Bring PDX Market Trends To Me

Easy to read PDX market report that you can read in a few minutes!

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  • market report delivered in minutes
  • See where the market is heading before others do
  • Latest real estate news from Portland realtor blog
  • Easy to read paragraphs describing recent data
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